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Vince Lozano Interview

Vince Lozano has appeared in the TV shows "American Horror Story", "Golden Revenge", "Wings", "ER", "Becker" and many others. We interview him about his role in the horror movie "Trauma Therapy: Psychois".

What's your character like in Trauma Therapy: Psychosis in terms of personality?

He's very passionate, very intense, and very believable.

What did you like about the storyline of the movie?

I love just the intensity of it. And I love that the story dives into a little bit of cell phones. I think it's important that we as human beings, that if you need help, and you're feeling sad or depressed, that you should get help. And I think that has a lot to do with the film about finding that thing that we're missing in our lives and Tobin Vance happens to be the poor man, Anthony Robbins, who’s able to give these recruits something that they're missing.

Did you do any preparation for the role?

I went online and watch Anthony Robbins videos, listened to his tapes, did research on cults, cult brainwashing. Why do people join cults, and why do they get brainwashed? What is it that they're missing their lives? And how do they get manipulated?

What part of filming this movie was the most enjoyable for you?

Working with Tom Sizemore and the intensity that we had between each other, and the give and take of going back and forth in the scene was so much fun, because it was so organic and real. He just gave me so much, and I tried to give him so much back. To me, that's what you want as an actor and I truly enjoyed that.

Which character from this movie do you think watchers would relate to the most?

Good question. I think they will relate to my character quite a bit, and David Joshua Lawrence’s character: John. I think they’d relate to his too, and Tobin Vance.

Were any scenes particularly challenging to film?

There were a few fight scenes that were really intense. We had to get the camera in the right place when we were filming it, and some of the more physical scenes were challenging, because, you know, you're doing your own stunts. So, basically, it's a little scary, because, you know, you're really getting physical. You're getting lost in that moment. So, all the physical stuff I would say was very, very challenging.

Which actors inspire you?

Oh, good question. Geoffrey Rush. Actors that take risks and are always, always pushing themselves on the edge. I love Ryan Gosling. He's another one that I think does it. Of course Pacino and De Niro were some of the actors that I looked up to when I was becoming - when I first started. Guy Pierce is another one. If you seen him a movie called Memento, what he did in that was brilliant. And that's the thing, for me, it's actors who are willing to take that risk, and they don't care what they look like on screen, because they get lost in the in the world of the story.

How did you get into acting?

One summer I went to New York, and I was with my cousins in Brooklyn, and they were breakdancing. And so, I spent the summer with them breakdancing. I know how to breakdance, but I was really more of a jock and never thought of becoming an actor. But there was a theater on the east side of Cleveland called Karamu House. It's an African American theatre, very well known and very famous, and a lot of great actors that come out of there. They were looking for a kid that could play basketball that's an act. Well, I definitely could play basketball. I definitely could dance, but I didn't know if I could actually sing. And they were like, “Well, we'll change the music to rap.” I'm like, “Okay.” I gave it a shot. I ended up getting the part. I was leading the show, a very popular show. We got great reviews, and I was getting great reviews for my first play ever. My first acting experience, I was signing autographs, and I got the bug. And from there, I started doing more plays, I must have done like 15, 20 plays in Cleveland, and most of the time, I was the lead in them or had a very solid supporting role. Then, from there, I decided, “Well, you know what? I'm going to take my shot.” And I moved to Los Angeles with an American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then studied in a private class with Andrew Benny's, [unintelligible] and the rest was history.

What is the most enjoyable part of acting for you?

Getting lost in the world of the character, doing the research, doing the homework, and then leaving it alone and going on set, and when they go action, you get lost in that world, and willing to take that risk to push the other actors’ buttons. They push you, you give them a piece of cake, and hopefully they eat it and they give me a piece of cake, and I eat it. And we go in there and we rise to the occasion and do something great and exciting. I just love that. I love the feeling when I'm done filming something, or even doing something in acting class in a scene is so fulfilling. That's how I would put it. It's just so fulfilling, and it's a sense of accomplishment. And I love getting lost, because it’s scary, and I love the intensity in a role or something that I can bring to it that someone didn’t think of it. And I'm just very passionate about it.

Do you have a favorite genre to film?

I love dramas, and I love comedies.

If you could play any character from past TV shows or movies, who would you have played?

I’d love the play Fredo from The Godfather. Godfather 1 and Godfather 2, that'd be so much fun. That'd be so much fun to play. TV shows…What would be a cool character to play? The Fonz from Happy Days.

Do you like watching yourself in scenes?

I do. I laugh at myself. I do it, and my friends will tell you. Yeah, my wife will tell you. I sit there, and I'm laughing at myself, not because it's bad, just because I'm enjoying my performance. I'm like, “Oh wow, look what I did.” You know? I just find it’s fun to me. I just enjoy it.

Do you like the horror genre? And what do you like about it if you do?

I love the horror genre, because they push the envelope with the story or do some crazy, wacky, bloody scenes killing someone. Because most of the times, the characters are really crazy and nuts, and it's fun to play, you know, because you really have the opportunity to go out there and just really push the envelope and go out there and be crazy and nuts and no one will judge you for it, because it's a horror film, and it's supposed to be crazy and nuts.

What are your favorite TV roles that you played?

That would be American Horror Story. When I played Storm, that was one of my favorites. My other favorite was a TV show called Golden Revenge where I play Otis. That was another favorite, because the thing about those two characters, is they were so out there and eccentric, and they were just so much fun to play.

Where can people follow you?

They can follow me on Instagram @vincelozanopage

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