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Monique Parent Interview

Monique Parent
Photo by Robert E. Ball, Jr.

Monique Parent has appeared in numerous TV shows, including "Magic Funhouse!". We interview her about her role in the horror film "That's A Wrap!".

Did you do any preparation for your role in That’s A Wrap?

I did quite a lot of preparation for my role in That's A Wrap. Thirty-three years of life as an actor, a lot of history behind me, and that really helped inform all of my decisions that I was making with the character.

What did you like about this story?

The things that I loved about That's A Wrap; I love how it's a 90's slasher movie for two-thirds of the movie, and so it's got that fun sort of 90's colorful jello vibe and this energy of these wacky wild murders. Then, it takes a twist in the third act and gets much darker and more serious, and I thought that was really appealing.

What kind of person would like this movie?

I think this is one for horror fans, but also comedy fans. It is a fun movie. It's not, you know, horror fans can tend to be very, very savvy and very aware of when you don't do your kills properly, and they're very demanding. They like really good effects. And I feel like we've got the really good effects. So, we're going to please that horror crowd that loves seeing these big glory kills, but we're going to also be there for the crowd that is not just interested in gore, that they're there for a fun time.

How did you get into character for this movie?

Interesting to think about getting into character for this movie. Many times I'm playing people that are quite different from myself, and in this character, rather than trying to like do charactery things I kept having to like, “no, no, no, just bring it down. Be me, just be me,” which is surprisingly difficult to do. It's a lot easier to pretend to be somebody else than to try to be authentically yourself.

Were there any challenges in doing the movie?

There are always challenges in doing a movie. A simple one was that my dress was too long. So, I was wearing - Marcel, the director, had got me a pair of high heels. I said, “I think I need something higher.” So, I was wearing six inch stiletto heels, which made moving around very difficult, because I had to hold up my skirts all the time. And there were times I really wish that I had had the foresight to say, “Let me take this dress and have it altered.” So, that was particularly challenging. A simple thing like a dress being too long really was difficult throughout the entire filmmaking process.

What do you like about appearing in horror films?

I love appearing in a wide variety of genres, but what I love the most about horror films is that we really get to act the extremes, things that you may not necessarily experience in your life. Hopefully not when it's a psycho serial killer, but you get to live those extreme emotions, and how often in your regular day to day life do you get to scream bloody murder? That is fun and freeing and scary, because people were like, “Well, if I just sort of ahhh" it’s like you can't half scream, you have to do it full out. And I love that. I love being able to act like that.

What have been your favorite TV roles to play?

I have not gotten to work as much television as I would like, but that could always change. There was one that I did in a series called Magic Funhouse, and I loved that series. I had just the best time with it. Unfortunately, the streaming network that that series was on, decided to close up shop, so you really can't find it anywhere. It's available on Crunchyroll. Now, another TV series that I did is also on Crunchyroll, and that is Anime Crimes Division. But I think Magic Funhouse would be my favorite.

How did you get into acting?

It started when I was three years old. I was the oldest of two, and I was three years old. I told my parents that I wanted to be in ballet class, and they said, “Okay, we didn't think we would have a three year old bossing us around, but apparently, this is who she is.” And so I started in ballet, and I did dance classes all through my childhood. Then, when I was nine years old, I told my parents that I was going to be auditioning for a play at the community college. And they said, “Well, okay, I guess we'll drive you to that, since you're too young to drive.” Then at ten I did a play called Fiddler on the Roof with the community theater, and by that time, I was seriously hooked on acting. I did community theater. I did a lot of little theater and various community productions in my hometown, and then I moved to Los Angeles when I was twenty-four to begin attempting a professional acting career.

Which actors inspire you?

You know, Charlize, Theron is amazing. She brings so much to the table. Just what she does, the way she presents herself and brings herself, I love how she's in action movies, and then she wins Oscars. She's just she is a powerhouse, and I love her energy. For the men, I like Billy Crudup. Billy Crudup seems like a really interesting, intense actor, and I would love to work with him.

What roles throughout your career did you find particularly challenging?

I remember doing a film, gosh, many years ago, it was Married People, Single Sex II, and my character was very victim-y, and I found that difficult. I am not by nature a victim; I am a fighter. So, it rubbed against all my instincts wrong. That was really difficult for me, learning to be — beyond that part — learning to be forgiving of my characters and not judging my characters, because sometimes I play a lot of really, really bad people. You can't play a bad person and have a judgment on it. You have to sort of come from the mindset where they really truly feel they're doing the right thing, however twisted that might be, and I've really had to learn how to start thinking sympathetically with really truly horrible people.

Where can people follow you?

I can be found on YouTube. I have a YouTube channel where I do makeup tips for women over forty or over fifty, or anyone with silver hair, or anyone who's interested in makeup tips from a non-professional. So, I'm on YouTube as Monique Parent YT. And then I am on Instagram and Twitter. Both @MoniqueParent and same with Facebook. And it's just my name spelled out MoniqueParent.

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